About Band Membership

Band members are not just from Pomona, but represent at least 2 dozen nearby communities as well.  Adult, college and high school musicians are welcome to participate: attend one of our Tuesday evening rehearsals in the Community Center at Ganesha Park in Pomona and see if it is for you.

The band is currently in need Tenor Trombone players, as well as a regular utility Percussion player!  Interested parties should email Director Linda Taylor.

  Mary Stone

  Alfred Barcenas
  Chris Figueroa
  Louise Fougner
  Cassie Garcia
  Debby McDonald +
  Eileen Milnes-Collins
  Sheena Rehaume
  Danny Romero
  Jasenia Ruvalcaba
  Mary Stone

  Albert Bertram
  Viki Bertram
  Timothy Hite +#
  Dana Sundene

English Horn:
  Viki Bertram

  Carly Miller
  Kenya Nelson
  George Osario +

  Courtney Berg
  Shelby Carlson
  Kenny Chuang +
  Harold Croulet
  Hannah Diep #
  Lester Eisel
  Richard Hiestand
  Carol Hopping
  Diane Kellogg
  Rick Kemenesi
  Barry Milligan
  Bill Moser
  Jordan Rivera
  Jesus Santiago
  Kristen Shoemake
  Abby Wood

Alto Clarinet:
  Jeff Lewis

Bass Clarinet:
  Jeff Lewis +
  Barry Milligan
  Kenya Nelson
  Linda Taylor

ContraBass Clarinet:
  Jeff Lewis
  Linda Taylor

Alto Saxophone:
  Jonathan Dickson
  Alexandra Edwards
  Shelia Lefor #
  Melissa Macarewa +
  J.J. Magallon
  Jason Martinez

Tenor Saxophone:
  Luke Brown
  Kevin Galvez +

Baritone Saxophone:
  John Seery

  Steven Collins #
  Roger Duran
  Denny Duran-Flores
  Miyoshi Feliciano
  Peter Forney
  Thomas Gonzalez
  Thomas Laffey
  Christopher Northrop
  Mike Pfister
  Allan Small +#
  Lisa Zumbrunnen

French Horn:
  April Christopher
  Ceciliua Cloughly
  Gregory Cosner +#
  Jacob Dominguez
  Alexandra Edwards
  Isaac Gonzales
  Karen Greenwood
  Gary Hymel
  Zelne Zamora #

  Frank Escandon
  Jeanne Hartman
  Fiona Karbel
  Kerry Kline +#
  Brian Schrader
  Kristen Tarsala
  Eli Zupke

Bass Trombone:
  Bryant Duffy
  Cader Duffy
  Don Edberg +

  Lylah Bradford
  Thomas Hill
  Stephen Klein +
  Maya Louvier
  Norman Taylor #

  Brunson Achiu
  Jorge Garcia
  Steve Ortega
  David Osorio-Vera
  Ishmael Rodriguez
  David Schaafsma +#
  Linda Taylor
  Les Woodson

String Bass:
  Les Woodson

  Steven Christopher
  Lucas Critchfield +
  Isaac Gonzales
  Natasha Le
  Therese Laux
  Matt Steinberg
  James Thompson +

  Isaac Gonzales
  Natasha Le
  Mary Stone

  Jeff Lewis

Band Assistant:
  Sheila Lafor

Color Guard:
  U.S.A.F. Ret. Sr. MSgt. Heriberto Feliciano
  Retired U.S. Army Thomas Laffey

Musical Director:
  Linda W. Taylor

Assistant Directors:
  Dr. Jorge Garcia
  Kerry Kline

  + Section Leader
  # Board Member